Q: What is a lash lift?

A: A lash lift is a chemical process, only to be performed by professionals, that is used to change the structure and texture of the eyelashes. The lashes are left with a new curl pattern giving a more open, lifted effect. Depending on the size of the shield the lashed can be lifted more or less dramatically based on natural lash and desired look.


Q: What is a lash tint?

A: A lash tint is a chemical service that can be preformed by itself or in addition to a lash lift to deposit color to the natural lash. This leave a more dramatic, while still natural effect. Think of the appearance of mascara without any clumping or fall out!

Q: Who is lash lifting+tinting ideal for?


-Clients who are happy with their natural lash but want to add curl+color instead of volume+length* 

-Anyone with lightly pigmented lashes who are looking for a more enhanced look.

-Clients looking for a more natural look.

-Anyone sensitive/allergic to eyelash extension adhesive.

-Lash lovers who cannot commit to proper maintenance and/or hygiene of eyelash extensions.

*If you’re looking to add volume+length, Eyelash Extensions would be PERFECT for you! Check out my Lash Extension Links for more info.


Q: How long do results last?

A: Clients will need to come back every 6-10 weeks depending on at home aftercare + how quickly natural lash grows.

Q: How long does the process take?


-Lift only is 50 minutes.

-Tint only is 35 minutes.

-Lift+Tint is 1.5 hours.

Q: What's the best way to take care of my lashes?

A: After your first appointment, keep your lashes dry for 24 HOURS! Apply a nourishing lash oil and/or growth serum nightly.  I carry a homemade, all natural, organic, cruelty free lash oil that's available for purchase at your appointment. You shouldn’t leave a hair salon without the products needed to keep your hair looking and feeling it's best. Why should it be any different with your lashes?!

Q: Do you do bottom lashes, as well?  Is that typically what people do?

A: Your bottom lashes will be tinted to match the top lashes so you have the option to go completely mascara free!

Q: Alright, I'm in! How can I book an appointment with you?!


If you are looking to book an appointment outside of the timeframes specified on the booking app,  feel free to reach out to me directly! I will do my best to accommodate an appointment time that works for both of us! You can contact me directly through the                            

 or through any of the contact information provided there.