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Gunn O'Leary

 Lash Artist | Makeup Artist | Intuitive Tarot Reader

I have over a decade of experience in the beauty industry and have been a small business owner since 2016. My love for makeup artistry lead me to down many paths. From working for MAC Cosmetics & Sephora where I did makeup applications and taught clients how to use their favorite products; to a freelance career working a lot of commercial jobs for local production companies, glamming models for photoshoots and creating looks for brides for their special day. I loved the magic I was able to create with makeup and seeing people light up when I handed them the mirror is what gave me my purpose. I hated the thought of them going home at the end of the night and having to wash away the looks that made them feel beautiful, strong and confident. This is when lashes entered my life. Lash extensions were a way to deliver those feelings of confidence and power to my clients for more than just a few hours. They could wake up feeling and looking like their best self every day! 2017 is when I created Charmed Makeup&Lashes and it's been my life ever since. During the downtime of the pandemic shutdown, I started to realize that I wanted to help people with more than just their outside beauty, I wanted to start helping with the inside too. That's when I started casually studying tarot for personal use, to gain more insight into myself. After offering readings to friends and family "for fun" during 2021, I decided to take a deep dive into tarot studies as a professional in early 2022. I now offer both beauty services and metaphysical services to help show people the beauty in all phases of life and to help inject a touch of magic into the everyday.

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