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Q: What are designer magnetic lashes?

A: Designer magnetic lashes are temporary false lashes with a magnetic band. Each set is hand made to be custom to fit your eye lid and can be customized to whatever look/style you request!  

Q: How do the lashes stay on?

A: There are a series of tiny magnets on the band of each designer lash strip. These magnets adhere to the liquid liner that comes with each kit.

Q: How many times can I use my designer lashes?

A: If cared for properly your lashes can be worn 30-40 times! To give your designer lashes a long and happy life make sure to wipe down your magnets with rubbing alcohol to keep them free of makeup buildup. You will receive a magnet cleaning kit with along with your lashes. It is also recommended you do not apply mascara directly on your magnetic lashes to keep them fresh and fluffy and free of extra makeup..

Q: What is included in a designer magnetic lash kit?

A:The kits include your set of custom magnetic lashes in a protective carrying case, a set of rounded tweezers to help with application, a felt tip liner in your choice of black or clear, and a magnet cleaning kit. I also have kits that include both the black+clear felt tip liner.

Q: How much do the kits cost?

A: Custom designer lash kits with 1 felt tip liner are $85. Custom designer lash kits with both black+clear liner are $100.

Q: Why do I need a consultation for my lashes?

A: Designer lash kits are completely customized, because of this we need to get some info from you to make sure they're perfect! I offer both virtual and in studio consultations. 

Q: What happens during a consultation?

A: Virtual: You will be sent a PDF ruler to print out and measure your lash line. This will ensure your lash band fits your eyelid properly. 

You will then fill out an online questionnaire to help determine what you want your lashes to look like. We can also chat via text/e-mail or set up a phone call go to further in detail after your questionnaire is complete.

   In Studio: I will measure your lash line. This will ensure your lash band fits your eyelid properly. We will go through a questionnaire to help determine what you want your lashes to look like.

Q: I'm not local, am I able to get designer lashes from Charmed?

A: Absolutely! We will do a virtual consultation for your lashes. The cost of shipping your kit will be added to your total.

Q: Do I pay for my kit when I do my consultation or when I pick them up?

A: You will pay for your kit if you decide to order lashes at your consultation.  

Q: Why do I have to pay for my kit when I do my consultation?

A: Your lash band has been cut to your specific lid measurements and the lashes have been styled to your preference making them very difficult to sell to someone else. A lot of  work, time and love go into creating these lashes and I would hate for them to go to waste.

Q: Alright, I'm interested! How can I get myself a kit?! 

A:If you would like your own set of custom magnetic lashes please click on the button below to fill out the Magnetic Lash Contact Form. If you select Virtual Consultation  I will email you the PDF ruler to print out and measure your lash line as well as a link to the Online Designer Lash Questionnaire. If you select In Studio Consultation I will reach out to you to set up an appointment to come into Charmed for your consultation,

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